Cross Lane Footpath

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For many years the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, with regard to Cross Lane and their safe access to facilities in Axbridge, has been an issue.
There have been a number of reviews but no positive action by either the Parish Council or County Council. Until November 2001, improvements to pedestrian facilities at Cross Lane were included in the Local Transport Plan. No improvements were made and financial constraints were given as the reason for removing this project off the LTP.

Planning policies have designated Axbridge as a 'Key Rural Settlement' providing facilities such as shops and post office, which no longer exist in other rural settlements. Access to this Key Rural Settlement should be available by sustainable transport as well as vehicular access.
Vehicular access is provided by the A371, Cross Lane. Safe pedestrian and cycle access is not available although a public footpath (AX15/14) in an adjacent field is available for 2/3 of the distance.

A working group has been set up with the aim of getting safe walking and cycling route between Cross and Axbridge.  

If you are willing to lend your support in any way please contact Tess Gill

Latest News

A Small Improvement Submision (SIS) was accepted by Somerset County Council. Plans have been produced for a pedestrian refuge on the A38 and a crossing point on Cross Lane and provision of a 'proper' footpath from Cross Corner to the Public Right of Way at Springs Farm. These were acceptable. Since these plans were produced a lengthy Lighting Audit has been undertaken by Somerset Highways and plans produced which identifies the levels of lighting required to conform to safty standards on the highway. The project team are studing the implications of the proposals which will be addressed at a Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting on 24th October.SIS You can view the submission by clicking here or view the 'Coffin Lane' web site.


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